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Island Time Steel Drums 

Scott Paulson and Barbara Smith bring their tropical sound to your event! This is the perfect set up when you want to provide your guests with a lilting  instrumental background that will cradle them in a hammock and transport them to the Caribbean, but still allow them to talk to each other without shouting! 

They can play indoors or in small spaces that a bigger group would just be too much for! What if later on you want to dance?  

They can pump up the volume too! 


Email for availability and pricing

Barbara Smith Professional Flutist 


Maybe you're thinking "Steel Drums would be great for our cocktail hour but we'd like something different for the ceremony?" Look no further! Besides playing steel drums, and a rocking saxophone, Barbara is a very fine classically trained flutist. She attended Bard College as a Liberace Scholar, where she received her B. A. in music performance. While at Bard she worked with Joan Tower, Luis Garcia-Renart, Patricia Spencer, Erika Lindsay, Harvey Kaiser and Howard Johnson. She performed as solo flutist with the American Symphony Orchestra, and in 1999 toured the US,  Russia, and Central Europe with the American Russian Young Artists Orchestra, under the direction of Leon Botstein. In 2000 she served as a guest panelist at the New York City Flute Convention. 

Hire Barbara to play Flute for your ceremony and Island Time to play your cocktail hour and receive a $100.00 discout!


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