Steel Drum "Informances", Workshops, & Residencies

"You're steel drum workshop was a miraculous event at our school. The students presented amazing music in less than a week.

It was fun, informative, the students learned teamwork, and the cultural background of the music as well. Fantastic!"

- Catherine M. Mitchell Arts coordinator, Ocracoke Island, NC

Scott Paulson has been sharing his love of Steel Drums or "Pans" with students of all ages since 2002. With B.A. in music and having taught traditional band programs in public and private schools for several years, Scott founded his own educational nonprofit; The Vermont Independent School of the Arts with associate Barbara Smith. Barbara, a highly trained woodwind musician, took over some of Scott's Band Instrument students so Scott could focus on his pet project;  Steel Drumming. Scott started what has become Vermont's largest Steel Band: The Panhandlers! At the same time he and Barbara started doing outreach to interested schools and organizations. They now have dozens of "informants," workshops and residencies behind them, and all with rave reviews! Invite them to your school, community center, arts program or parrothead event! You won't be sorry! 



Island Time "Informances" 

Get your schools Caribbean "groove on" with Island Time Steel Drums! Have Scott and Barbara bring their uplifting, vibrant, and interactive "informance" to your students. Between rollicking musical numbers your students will learn the fascinating details of the birth of this revolutionary instrument and the cultural revolution that transformed it from it's humble beginnings, to it's current position as a symbol of national pride!

Workshops and Residencies
One day workshops to 10 day residencies available.

Sessions lengths determined by hosts schedules and needs. 

Grades K-3 A Steel Drum Experience: Usually one session for 40-50 minutes wherein students are introduced to steel drum development, geography and history. They are then given the opportunity to play on different voices of steel drums. An age appropriate tune may by practiced if time allows. 

Grades 4-12 Steel Band Practice and Performance: After students are introduced to steel drum development, geography, and social history, they are instructed on playing techniques. We then work on age appropriate repertoire with emphasis on listening and group performance dynamics. Meeting several times during over the course of days is optimal with the sessions culminating in a group sharing.

Adult Workshops: A one time introduction session lasting from 30 to 60 minutes to give participants a feel for the steel drum playing experience.  A brief introduction of steel drum construction, voices and playing technique  is followed by the group learning a tune and performing it.


Workshop and Residency Videos​

"We at Crossett Brook Middle School were thoroughly impressed with Scott Paulson and his steel drum residency. Scott transformed our entire school. The building was filled with music!  The closing school wide concert brought our community together around music and sent everyone home for winter break in the greatest possible way. "


Dan Liptak - Instrumental Music Instructor